FPL 2019 - Field-Programmable Logic and Applications

Monday, September 9th

7:30 Registration opens (closing at 18:00)

8:45 Welcome Message

9:00 Keynote Presentation

           Mateo Valero, UPC and BSC

10:00 Coffee break


 - (10:30, long pres.) "Becoming More Tolerant: Designing FPGAs for Variable Supply Voltage"
      Ibrahim Ahmed, Linda Shen and Vaughn Betz

 - (10:55, long pres.) "Bent Routing Pattern for FPGA"
      Xibo Sun, Hao Zhou and Lingli Wang

 - (11:20, long pres.) "Blocks: Redesigning Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architectures for Energy Efficiency"
      Mark Wijtvliet, Jos Huisken, Luc Waeijen and Henk Corporaal

 - (11:45, long pres.) "Timing-aware routing in the RapidWright framework"
     Leo Liu and Nachiket Kapre

 - (12:10, short pres.) "Finding a Needle in the Haystack of Hardened Interconnect Patterns"
     Stefan Nikolic, Grace Zgheib and Paolo Ienne

 - (12:15, short pres.) "Analysis of Performance Variation in 16nm FinFet FPGA Devices"
     Konstantinos Maragos, Endri Taka, George Lentaris, Ioannis Stratakos and Dimitrios Soudris

 - (12:20, short pres.) "Measuring Long Wire Leakage with Ring Oscillators in Cloud FPGAs"
     Ilias Giechaskiel, Kasper Rasmussen and Jakub Szefer         

12:25 Lunch

13:30 Keynote Presentation

           Walid Najjar, University of California at Riverside


 - (14:30, long pres.) "Runtime Programmable Pipelines for Model Checkers on FPGAs"
     Mrunal Patel, Shenghsun Cho, Michael Ferdman and Peter Milder

 - (14:55, long pres.) "FPGA-based Simulated Bifurcation Machine"
     Kosuke Tatsumura, Alexander Dixon and Hayato Goto

 - (15:20, long pres.) "On-The-Fly Parallel Data Shuffling for Graph Processing on OpenCL based FPGA"
     Xinyu Chen, Ronak Bajaj, Yao Chen, Jiong He, Bingsheng He, Weng-Fai Wong and Deming Chen

 - (15:45, short pres.) "Dataflow acceleration of Smith-Waterman with Traceback for high throughput Next Generation Sequencing"
     Konstantina Koliogeorgi, Nils Voss, Sotiria Fytraki, Sotirios Xydis, Georgi Gaydadjiev and Dimitrios Soudris

 - (15:50, short pres.) "Accelerating Position-Aware Top-k ListNet for Ranking under Custom Precision Regimes"
     Qiang Li, Erwei Wang, Shane Fleming, David Thomas and Peter Cheung

 - (15:55, short pres.) "Accelerating Physics Engine Components with Embedded FPGAs"
      Petros Toupas, Andreas Brokalakis and Ioannis Papaefstathiou

 - (16:00, short pres.) "An FPGA-based Architecture to Simulate Cellular Automata with Large Neighborhoods in Real Time"
      Nikolaos Kyparissas and Apostolos Dollas

 - (16:05, short pres) "Accelerating the merge phase of sort-merge join"
      Philippos Papaphilippou, Holger Pirk and Wayne Luk

16:10 Coffee break

16:40  Session A2 - VISION & ARITHMETIC

 - (16:40, long pres.) "Evaluating the hardware cost of the posit number system"
     Yohann Uguen, Luc Forget and Florent de Dinechin

 - (17:05, long pres.) "Extracting INT8 Multipliers from INT18 Multipliers"
     Martin Langhammer, Bogdan Pasca, Gregg Baeckler and Sergey Gribok

 - (17:30, long pres.) "Efficient Pattern Recognition Algorithm Including a Fast Retina Keypoint FPGA Implementation"
     Lester Kalms, Maximilian Hajduk and Diana Goehringer

 - (17:55, short pres.) "Quantifying the Benefits of Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for Embedded Vision Applications"
     Marie Nguyen, Robert Tamburo, Srinivasa Narasimhan and James Hoe

18:00 End of Monday sessions

18:00 Reception

20:00 End of Monday


Tuesday, September 10th


8:00 Registration opens (closing at 18:00)

9:00 Keynote Presentation

          Oskar Mencer, Maxeler

10:00 Coffee break


 - (10:30, long pres.) "A High-performance CNN Processor Based on FPGA for MobileNets"
     Di Wu, Yu Zhang, Xijie Jia, Lu Tian, Tianping Li, Lingzhi Sui, Dongliang Xie and Yi Shan

 - (10:55, long pres.) "A Flexible Design Automation Tool for Accelerating Quantized Spectral CNNs"
     Rachit Rajat, Hanqing Zeng and Viktor Prasanna

 - (11:20, long pres.) "A Data-Center FPGA Acceleration Platform for Convolutional Neural Networks"
      Xiaoyu Yu, Yuwei Wang, Jie Miao, Ephrem Wu, Heng Zhang, Yu Meng, Bo Zhang, Biao Min, Dewei Chen and Jianlin Gao

 - (11:45, long pres.) "Accelerating Bayesian Inference for Structured Graphs Using Parallel Gibbs Sampling"
      Glenn G. Ko, Yuji Chai, Rob A. Rutenbar, David Brooks and Gu-Yeon Wei

 - (12:10, short pres.) "Automatic Compiler Based FPGA Accelerator for CNN Training"
     Shreyas Kolala Venkataramanaiah, Yufei Ma, Shihui Yin, Eriko Nurvithadhi, Aravind Dasu, Yu Cao and Jae-Sun Seo

 - (12:15, short pres.) "InS-DLA: An In-SSD Deep Learning Accelerator for Near-Data Processing"
      Shengwen Liang, Ying Wang, Cheng Liu, Huawei Li and Xiaowei Li

 - (12:20, short pres.) "FPGA-based Training Accelerator Utilizing Sparseness of Convolutional Neural Network"
      Hiroki Nakahara, Youki Sada, Masayuki Shimoda, Kouki Sayama, Akira Jinguji and Shimpei Sato

 - (12:25, short pres.) "Towards an Efficient Accelerator for DNN-based Remote Sensing Image Segmentation on FPGAs"
      Shuanglong Liu and Wayne Luk

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Session A3 - SECURITY

 - (13:30, long pres.) "Characterizing Power Distribution Attacks in Multi-User FPGA Environments"
      George Provelengios, Daniel Holcomb and Russell Tessier

 - (13:55, long pres.) "Physical Side-Channel Attacks and Covert Communication on FPGAs: A Survey"
      Seyedeh Sharareh Mirzargar and Mirjana Stojilovic

 - (14:20, long pres.) "Open-Source FPGA Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptographic Hardware Primitives"
      Rashmi Agrawal, Lake Bu, Alan Ehret and Michel Kinsy

 - (14:45, long pres.) "Highly-Portable True Random Number Generator based on Coherent Sampling"
      Adriaan Peetermans, Vladimir Rozic and Ingrid Verbauwhede

 - (15:10, short pres.) "Software/Hardware Codesign of the Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithm NTRUEncrypt Using High-Level Synthesis and Register-Transfer Level Design Methodologies"
      Farnoud Farahmand, Duc Tri Nguyen, Viet B. Dang, Ahmed Ferozpuri and Kris Gaj

 - (15:15, short pres.) "Network Intrusion Detection Using Neural Networks on FPGA SoCs"
      Lenos Ioannou and Suhaib A. Fahmy

 - (15:20, short pres.) "Beyond the Limits: SHA-3 in just 49 Slices"
      Victor Arribas

15:25  PhD Forum papers

 - (15:25, short pres.) "FPGA Accelerated Deep Learning Radio Modulation Classification Using MATLAB System Objects & PYNQ"
      Andrew Maclellan, Lewis McLaughlin, Louise Crockett and Robert Stewart

 - (15:30, short pres.) "Spiking row-by-row FPGA Multi-kernel and Multi-layer Convolution Processor"
      Ricardo Tapiador Morales, Antonio Rios Navarro, Juan Pedro Dominguez Morales, Daniel Gutierrez Galan and Alejandro Linares-Barranco

 - (15:35, short pres.) "A distributed model of computation for reconfigurable devices based on a streaming architecture"
      Paolo Cretaro

 - (15:40, short pres.) "Neural Network Overlay Using FPGA DSP Blocks"
      Lenos Ioannou and Suhaib A. Fahmy

15:45 Coffee break

16:15  Social visit - Temple de la Sagrada Família

         Bus service will be provided from Campus to Sagrada Família

20:00  Social Dinner -- Can Cortada

         Bus service will be provided from Sagrada Família to Can Cortada

22:30 - 23:00 Busses back to Campus


Wednesday, September 11th


8:00 Registration opens (closing at 18:00)

9:00 Keynote Presentation

          Ephrem Wu, Xilinx, Inc.

10:00 Coffee break


 - (10:30, long pres.) "DynaBurst: Dynamically Assemblying DRAM Bursts over a Multitude of Random Accesses"
     Mikhail Asiatici and Paolo Ienne

 - (10:55, long pres.) "NARMADA: Near-memory horizontal diffusion accelerator for scalable stencil computation"
     Gagandeep Singh, Dionysios Diamantopoulos, Christoph Hagleitner, Sander Stuijk and Henk Corporaal

 - (11:20, long pres.) "Fletcher: A Framework to Efficiently Integrate FPGA Accelerators with Apache Arrow"
     Johan Peltenburg, Jeroen van Straten, Lars Wijtemans, Lars T.J. van Leeuwen, Zaid Al-Ars and H. Peter Hofstee

 - (11:45, long pres.) "Data stream statistics over sliding windows: How to summarize 150 Million updates per second on a single node"
     Grigorios Chrysos, Odysseas Papapetrou, Dionisios Pnevmatikatos, Apostolos Dollas and Minos Garofalakis

 - (12:10, short pres.) "Limago: an FPGA-based Open-source 100 GbE TCP/IP Stack"
     Mario Ruiz, David Sidler, Gustavo Sutter, Gustavo Alonso and Sergio López-Buedo

 - (12:15, short pres.) "System architecture for network-attached FPGAs in the cloud using partial reconfiguration"
     Burkhard Ringlein, Francois Abel, Alexander Ditter, Beat Weiss, Christoph Hagleitner and Dietmar Fey

 - (12:20, short pres.) "Analysis and Optimization of I/O Cache Coherency Strategies for SoC-FPGA Device"
      Seung Won Min, Sitao Huang, Mohamed Aly, Jinjun Xiong, Deming Chen and Wen-Mei Hwu

 - (12:25, short pres.) "High-performance Decoding of Variable-length Memory Data Packets for FPGA Stream Processing"
      Roberto Sierra, Filippo Mangani, Carlos Carreras and Gabriel Caffarena

 - (12:30, short pres.) "A Dynamic Memory Allocation Library for High-Level Synthesis"
      Nicholas Giamblanco and Jason Anderson

 - (12:35, short pres.) "A Low-Latency Multi-Version Key-Value Store Using B-tree on an FPGA-CPU Platform"
      Yuchen Ren, Jinyu Xie, Yunhui Qiu, Hankun Lv, Wenbo Yin, Lingli Wang, Bowei Yu, Hua Chen, Xianjun He, Zhijian Liao and Xiaozhong Shi

12:40  Lunch

13:40 Keynote presentation

            Suleyman Demirsoy, Intel, Inc.


  - (14:40, long pres.) Specializing FGPU for Persistent Deep Learning"
     Rui Ma, Jia-Ching Hsu, Tian Tan, Eriko Nurvitadhi, David Sheffield, Rob Pelt, Martin Langhammer, Jaewoong Sim, Aravind Dasu and Derek Chiou

 - (15:05, long pres.) "A Deep Learning Framework to Predict Routability for FPGA Circuit Placement"
     Abeer Alhyari, Ahmed Shamli, Ziad Abuowaimer, Shawki Areibi and Gary Grewal

 - (15:30, long pres.) "Scaling the Cascades: Interconnect-aware mapping strategies for FPGA implementation of Machine Learning problems"
      Anand Samajdar, Tushar Garg, Tushar Krishna and Nachiket Kapre

 - (15:55, short pres.) "Hybrid Dot-Product Calculation for Convolutional Neural Networks in FPGA"
     Mário Véstias, Rui Policarpo Duarte, Jose Sousa and Horacio Neto

 - (16:00, short pres.) "Reducing Dynamic Power in Streaming CNN Hardware Accelerators by Exploiting Computational Redundancies"
      Duvindu Piyasena, Rukshan Wickramasinghe, Debdeep Paul, Siew Kei Lam and Meiqing Wu

 - (16:05, short pres.) "TensorFlow to Cloud FPGAs: Tradeoffs for Accelerating Deep Neural Networks"
      Stefan Hadjis and Kunle Olukotun

16:10 Coffee break

16:40 Session A5 - TOOLS & METHODS

 - (16:40, long pres.) "OpenFPGA: An Opensource Framework Enabling Rapid Prototyping of Customizable FPGAs"
      Xifan Tang, Edouard Giacomin, Aurelien Alacchi, Baudouin Chauviere and Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

 - (17:05, long pres.) "Tinsel: a manythread overlay for FPGA clusters"
      Matthew Naylor, Simon Moore and David Thomas

 - (17:30, long pres.) "Preallocating Resources for Distributed-Memory Based FPGA Debug"
      Robert Hale and Brad Hutchings

 - (17:35, short pres.) "Low-level Loop Analysis and Pipelining of Applications mapped to Xilinx FPGAs"
      Hossein Omidian and Guy Lemieux

 - (17:40, short pres.) "Pyramid: Machine Learning Framework to Estimate the Optimal Timing and Resource Usage of a High-Level Synthesis Design"
      Hosein Mohammadi Makrani, Farnoud Farahmand, Hossein Sayadi, Sara Bondi, Sai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarra, Setareh Rafatirad and Houman Homayoun

 - (17:45, short pres.) "FPGA Accelerated FPGA Placement"
      Shounak Dhar, Love Singhal, Mahesh Iyer and David Pan

18:00  Demo Night & light dinner

 - "Demonstration of Low Power Stream Processing Using a Variable Pipelined CGRA"
    Takuya Kojima, Naoki Ando, Matsushita Yusuke and Hideharu Amano

 - "An FPGA implementation of Real-time Object Detection with a Thermal Camera"
    Masayuki Shimoda, Youki Sada, Ryosuke Kuramochi and Hiroki Nakahara

 - "Storing Parquet Tile by Tile: Application-aware Storage with Deduplication"
    Lucas Kuhring and Zsolt Istvan

 - "Demonstration of Flow-in-Cloud: a multi-FPGA system"
    Kazuei Hironaka, Kensuke Iizuka, Akram Ben Ahmed, M M Imdad Ullah, Yugo Yamauchi, Yuxi Sun, Miho Yamakura, Aoi Hiruma and Hideharu Amano

 - "Demonstration of a Multimode SoC FPGA-based Acoustic Camera"
    Bruno da Silva, Laurent Segers, An Braeken and Abdellah Touhafi

 - "Capella: Customizing Perception for Edge Devices by Efficiently Allocating FPGAs to DNNs"
    Ramyad Hadidi, Bahar Asgari, Jiashen Cao and Hyesoon Kim

 - "ZytleBot: FPGA integrated development platform for ROS based autonomous mobile robot"
    Yasuhiro Nitta, So Tamura and Hideki Takase

 - "Realtime Object Detection for Many Pedestrian Toward Surveillance Camera"
     Akira Jinguji, Youki Sada and Hiroki Nakahara

 - "The CEDARtools Platform -- Massive External Memory with High Bandwidth and Low Latency under Fine-Granular Random Access Patterns"
     Thomas Preußer and Alexander Weiss

 - "A Self-Calibrating True Random Number Generator"
     Adriaan Peetermans, Milos Grujic, Vladimir Rozic and Ingrid Verbauwhede

 - "The FOS (FPGA Operating System) Demo"
     Anuj Vaishnav, Khoa Pham, Kristiyan Manev and Dirk Koch

20:30 End of Wednesday