FPL2019 Workshops and Tutorials

FPL 2019 - Field-Programmable Logic and Applications

Workshops and Tutorials scheduling:


Thursday, September 12th, 2019

• Workshop: FPGAs for Software Programmers - FSP 2019 (full-day)

• Xilinx Tutorial: Developing HPC and ML accelerators using Xilinx FPGAs (full-day)

• Intel Tutorial: Expert Design Techniques for OpenCL with FPGAs (full-day)

• Tutorial: Rapidwright: Enabling Application-Optimized FPGA implementations (half-day, morning)

Friday, September 13th, 2019

• 3rd FPL Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing for Machine Learning (half-day, morning)

• 1st International Workshop on Reconfigurable High-Performance Computing (ReHPC) (full-day)

• Maxeler tutorial: Application Development for Xilinx Alveo and Amazon EC2 F1 Instances with Maxeler MaxCompiler (half-day, afternoon)

• Tutorial: A hands-on introduction to the open-source IceStorm FPGA toolchain (half-day, morning)

• Tutorial: An Introduction to formal verification with Symbiotic EDA Suite (half-day, afternoon)

• Tutorial: How to deploy and scale your FPGA design on the cloud, instantly (half-day, morning)

• Tutorial: Hardware Design in the 21st Century with the Object Oriented and Functional Language Chisel (full-day)