Call for Tutorial Contributions


FPL 2019 is looking for interesting and high-quality tutorials to enrich its technical program. Tutorials offer a unique opportunity where presenters can interact closely with attendees and attendees can gain in-depth knowledge on a specific topic.

Tutorials on all (but not limited to) FPL2019 topics are welcome!!:  

* Architectures and Technology
* Applications and Benchmarks
* Programming models and languages
* System software and environment support
* Design Methods and Tools
* Accelerated Machine Learning
* Surveys, Trends, and Education


FPL 2019 tutorials will take place on September 12th and 13th, 2019. You can organize either a half-day or full-day Tutorial, with lecture-style classes and/or hands-on labs.


We invite you to submit tutorial proposals before the deadline of

    May 17th, 2019


How should I submit a Tutorial Proposal to FPL 2019?

To submit a tutorial proposal, please send a PDF file (2 pages, excluding biographies and references), including the following information:

* Title of tutorial
* Abstract (max 500 words) describing motivation, intended audience, and main contents
* List of organizers and speakers, including affiliations and short bios
* Tentative length (half-day, full-day) and scheduling of the tutorial: Sessions planned and timings
* Format of the sessions (lecture, hands-on)
* Any special requirements you may need in the room
* Approximate number of people that you foresee attending the tutorial
* Pointers to previous editions of the same tutorial, if any, indicating the number of attendees.


Please, send your proposals by email to the FPL 2019 Tutorial Submissions list,

It will be received by the Workshop and Tutorials co-chairs:

* Rosa M. Badia  (Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC))

* Joao Cardoso (University of Porto)