Call for Workshop Contributions


FPL 2019 is searching for interesting and high-quality workshops, to be hosted on September 12th, and 13th. We are requesting proposals for new and recurring workshops, as they provide excellent opportunities to bring together researchers and practitioners from different communities to share their experiences in an interactive atmosphere, and to foster collaboration for new and innovative projects.

We will value workshops that focus on topics distinct from those of the main conference. We search that they could be complementary to FPL, rather than just repeating the same topics.

Regarding the workshops organization, organizers can choose between invited presentations (to be listed at the time of submission), open call for papers, or a combination of both. Any other forms of interaction with the audience - panels, demo's, posters - are also welcome, as we see workshops providing as many and dynamic forms of engaging the audience as possible.

For workshops that do include an open call for papers, we point out that the organizers are in charge of setting up the submission, review, and camera-ready management processes.


We invite you to submit workshop proposals before the deadline of

    May 17th, 2019

Nevertheless, for workshop proposals we will try to get back promptly to organizers, so you can start with the organization before this date.


How should I submit a Workshop Proposal to FPL 2019?

To submit a workshop proposal, please prepare a PDF file (2 pages, excluding short biographies and references). Also, please keep your biographies under 2 pages per organizer. Please, include the following information:

* Title of the workshop.

* A description (max 500 words) of the topics and specific issues that the workshop will address, how the workshop complements FPL 2019, and why the workshop theme is relevant.

* Expected format of the workshop (regular paper presentations, poster presentations, invited talks, panel discussions, demo sessions, or other ideas to promote active exchange of ideas.

* List of organizers including their short biographies, affiliation, and their expertise in the proposed topic(s).

* (Preliminary) Program Committee, if applicable.

* In case the workshop has been previously held, provide information to show that the previous edition(s) were successful in terms of paper submissions and attendance.

* Expectations for the contributions to the workshop (papers submitted, papers accepted).

* Length of the workshop (half-day/full-day) and the expected number of participants.

* Follow-up plans (if any) to disseminate the ideas from the workshop, for example through position paper or special-issues in a journal.

Please, send your proposals by email to the FPL 2019 Workshop Submissions list,

It will be received by the Workshop and Tutorials co-chairs:

* Rosa M. Badia  (Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC))

* Joao Cardoso (University of Porto)